Without silicone and photoshop girls 90

Modern beauties are increasingly similar to each other. In pursuit of popularity, they spend a lot of time and money on endless «tuning» — they shake their lips, cheekbones, breasts, buttocks … Then they process their photos in a dozen or two other applications, and post «beauty» on Instagram. Millions of likes and compliments are provided. How was it 30 years ago? Before the fashion came silicone and photoshop?

Без силикона и фотошопа: как выглядели самые красивые девушки 90-х

You might be surprised, but it is the 90s that are considered the era of the most beautiful women. We offer you, together with us, to ponobalize on natural beauty and individuality, and look at the main beauty icons of that time.

Claudia Schiffer

Thanks to her, we recognized the word “supermodel” and were obsessed with the unattainable “90–60–90”. Claudia Schiffer — the main beauty icon of the 90s for a million girls around the world. By the way, for 30 years, Claudia has been on glossy covers more than 900 times on the catwalk, and not a single model has managed to beat this record to this day.

Cindy Crawford

She was always «second» after Claudia Schiffer. But to this very day, Cindy Crawford is considered the reference figure, and her mole above the upper lip is considered the sexiest.

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista — another supermodel, which became the beauty icon of the 90s. She was unlike other models, which became the main trump card of the girl. Green almond-shaped eyes, aquiline nose and infinitely long legs — millions were in love with Linda!

Sheron stone

In 1992, the cult erotic thriller by Paul Verhoeven, Basic Instinct, was released, and the world fell in love with Sharon Stone. Blue-eyed blonde with infinitely long legs has become the new sex symbol of Hollywood.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts — another beauty icon of the 90s. A year after the release of the film «Beauty», the actress received the title of «The most beautiful woman in the world» according to People magazine. The actress is not losing ground to this day: last year, Julia became the owner of this honorary title for the fifth time!

Natalya Vetlitskaya

Чумичев Александр/ТАССЧумичев Александр/ТАСС

star of the 90s, of course, Natalia Vetlitskaya. They called her Russian Sheron Stone, Dmitry Malikov and Zhenya Belousov dedicated songs to her, Fyodor Bondarchuk shot clips, and the hits Look In Your Eyes and Playboy danced in all school discos of that time.

Lika Star

Lika Star is another sexy blonde who has become the beauty icon of the 90s. The shocking singer was one of the first Russian girls to appear on the cover of Palyboy. There were rumors about her novels with Fedor Bondarchuk and Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. After the last, Lika abruptly disappeared from the music Olympus, and then completely left the country.

Irina Saltykova

Oh, those blondes! After the provocative video “Gray Eyes” appeared on the screens, Irina Saltykova woke up as a star. The singer realized what the “secret of success” was and continued to shoot such videos, thus ensuring that she got into the list of the sexiest beauties of the 90s.


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