Very fashionable

Modern girls tend to be in good shape and carefully monitor obesity. But sometimes occupations with fintes and fashionable tendencies that are connected with these occupations do not just cross all reasonable boundaries, but become dangerous to health and life. In this review, the most fashionable trends of recent times are collected, which should not be followed.

Самых тревожных тенденций в фитнесе.Быть как Кортни Кардашян.

It turns out today in a trend bulging ribs. Such a fashion originated from celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzinger and Courtney Kardashian, who started posting their bikini photos online. The pictures clearly showed their bulging ribs.

Трещина на животе - тренд сезона.Обозначь свою талию!

In 2016, a new trend appeared in Chinese social networks. Its rules are very simple — a girl should take a picture, holding a sheet of A4 paper in front of her, and then posting the picture on the Web. The point is that the waist does not act on the sides of the sheet. However, for this you need to waist size was not more than 50 cm, which is not enough even by the standards of fragile girls.

Пропаганда анарексии?Такая рискованная мода.

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