Lips girls discuss millions of people

The romantic song about “these eyes opposite,” alas, is no longer relevant. Today, everyone pays attention to the lips. The bigger, the better. Such that instagram lay out was not ashamed. And nothing that everyone is the same. True, among the dominance of identical «dumplings» and «ducks» sometimes there are really interesting specimens. For example, such as this girl. So what’s “wrong” with her lips?

 Жазмина Дэниэл – девушка с губами на миллион.«Красавица и чудовище».


Meet Jazmina Daniel. She is 26 years old and her lips fully pay all the girl’s bills. No, this is not what many might think. Zhazmina — professional makeup artist. But the real success and fame brought her no makeup on the perfect model faces. And what pictures she draws … on her lips.




The main «trick» Zhazminy — is thin, highly artistic drawings on the lips. Lipsticks, glitters, professional make-up and brushes of various sizes are used. A plot for the pictures often serve as films and pop culture, with frequent curtsies towards Disney cartoons.

Since then, more than 10 years have passed. Zhazmin won the disease, made the make-up a matter of life and became famous thanks to her ability, patience (creating one picture can take up to 6 hours!) And fantasy. Now she earns what she really loves and inspires others by her example. Maybe your time has come to follow the dream?


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