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I am a very merry and cheerful person and live with my parents. Not so long ago I worked as the teacher of English in a college and now I am just a graduate student of the pedagogic university where I study English and German. Unfortunately my German is very far from being perfect but I work at it and hope that I will manage it. In general I am a purposeful person and try to reach my goals not stopping on what I have already reached. I would probably like to make a career.

I prefer leading the active way of life. As for my personal traits, I am very sociable and communicable. I have many friends, we often get together and spend time in a merry and interesting way: we go to the cinema, to the discos, and if the weather is good then we make picnics outdoors. In my free time I enjoy reading and listening to music.

I like various books and different types of music: historic books (especially about ancient Egypt), detectives, but I give my preference to love stories as they help me to believe in love. The choice of music depends on my mood (I listen to anything but heavy metal and hard rock). As for movies, i prefer comedies, romantic and adventure movies (I don’t like action movies).


whatsapp number +79058258671

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