Arina 23 want meet with you

Every moment of life is unique and beautiful and I try to be like a sponge choosing all the best things surrounding me. God has given me beauty, intellect, health, lots of talents, a beautiful daughter but there is one thing missing in my life – it’s a man who will make my life symphony complete and we will be enjoying it together! There are so many unspent feelings and wishes in my soul! Being romantic, optimistic and poetic are the main traits of my character and when I am in love I can do everything for a person as I appreciate care and faithfulness and give the same in return. I am a painter by education and can make a pearl our of a grain of sand. I have been writing poems since I was a child and I can’t imagine my life without them as well as without running near the sea in the morning. I go in for sports wherever it is possible, I swim, rollerblade, skate and ski. I like traveling and use every chance to broaden my life philosophy.

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